Figuring out the right international school in Bangkok

There is a very thin line when it comes to differentiating a private school from an international school in Thailand. Depending on the criteria used to identify an international school most of the schools regarded as ‘international’ schools are not International schools. Here are the few ways to identify the best International schools in Bangkok:


  • Curriculum taught

Many schools in Bangkok have foreign students but schools that teach using a foreign curriculum like International Baccalaureate or American curriculum are very few and rare to find. You will need to find the school with the right curriculum and the right staff who are able to teach with ease and relate to your kids perfectly. Check with International Schools Association of Thailand (ISAT) on the accreditation of the school.


  • Your child’s reaction

Arrange for a visit to the school to talk with the teachers and staff and while visiting the school ensure you are in the company of your child, take him to the classroom to spend some time with the children there this will also let him/her understand how the school runs. Please study their body language their attitude after the visit and unprompted comments they make about the school since it will give you the right perception and please ensure you do not ask them directly their opinion since they might give an opinion on what they hear than what they feel.


  • Questions to ask

This is a new school, therefore, it is very different from what your child is used to. Please, you clarify every issue that you think might affect your child. Ensure you have a long list of questions to ask and don't be shy about it like

  • How do they deal with bullying?
  • Is there an active Parents Association? What is the role of the association?
  • How do they help students settle in?

If you are not satisfied with everything to arrange a second impromptu visit until you are convinced and if the staffs are welcoming this will give you the right perception of the school. Take your time to ensure you make the right decision that a fast decision.